Wifionboard.com provides an easy way for travelers to purchase inflight Internet passes and subscription plans while remaining connected while flying.

Discover more about wifionboard com, how much it will cost to stay connected while flying, and why staying connected may be necessary.

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Are you curious to know more about connecting to wifionboard intelsat.com? In addition, we will cover alternative means of entertainment access as well as internet use onboard aircraft.

How to Connect to Wifi Onboard Wifi?

It is very necessary to use the Wifi onboard but if you are using it the first time, then you must know the step-by-step guide on how to connect to the Wifi Onboard.

  1. As soon as your flight takes off, turn on airplane mode.
  2. Connect to the inflight Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open your preferred web browser.
  4. Search wifionboard.com in the address bar.
  5. Select one of their plans, and you will be connected.

WiFi Onboard Passes

1) One Hour Pass

The cost of a 1 hour pass is $7, providing access for one hour continuously (national Wi-Fi onboard a scheduled flight). This pass expires 30 calendar days after purchase.

2) All Day Pass

All Day Pass costs $19 and provides constant Internet connectivity on any national Wi-Fi serviced flight until expiration.

Participating Airlines

  1. United Airlines
  2. Alaska Airlines
  3. Air Canada

Wifi Onboard Subscription Plans

1) Monthly Alaska Plan

W-Fi connectivity service can be found aboard all Alaska Airlines aircraft that connect to their network and the monthly internet cost is $49.95/mo

2) Wifionboard Delta Airline Plan

Delta Airlines aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity have access to monthly internet service for $49.95/mo.

3) Global Delta Plan

This plan is available on all international and domestic Delta Air Lines aircraft with Wi-Fi available and the ability to access networks. This monthly internet service costs $69.95 per month on their Global Delta Plan.

4) Annual Alaska Plan

Alaska Airlines aircraft provide year-round internet connectivity via Wi-Fi that connects directly to networks, costing $599 annually under their Wifionboard Alaska Annual Plan.

5) Annual Delta Plan

Delta Air Lines’ year-round internet service can be found aboard any aircraft with Wi-Fi that can connect to networks and is priced at $599 annually.

How to Buy the Subscription Plan of Wifionboard

If you want to buy the subscription plan for Wifi Onboard then follow the below steps:

  1. First, visit this website (www.wifionboard.com/).
  2. Complete all the necessary information to complete your profile.
  3. Additionally, your email address must be entered as part of your profile records in WiFi On Board.
  4. It is ideal to have your credit card information and US billing address when buying a subscription plan.



Q. How do I cancel my Wifionboard subscription?

If you want to cancel the wifionboard subscription, then you must contact 1-877-350-0038 or send an email to support@wifionboard.com.

Q. Can multiple devices connect to my flight pass simultaneously?

No. If you possess a flight pass, multiple devices sharing the same credentials cannot login simultaneously. However, you are free to switch between various devices as needed.

Q. Are voice calls available through my free inflight Wi-Fi service?

Due to an interruption in voice service, it is currently not possible to make voice calls. Also, emergency texts to 911 cannot be made from this device.

Q. How can I register as a T-Mobile customer for inflight connections?

To use In-Flight Connection, you don’t have to register for the service; all that’s necessary is an appropriate rate plan and access to Wi-Fi calling on your phone, plus at least one call through Wi-Fi calling from any device connected to your SIM.

Q. Can I switch my laptop to my smartphone?

Switching to another device is very easy just log into it, but once you login to another device, first device will not work anymore.



So, in this article, we have provided you with complete information regarding a step-by-step guide on how to access WiFi Onboard. We hope, you like to read this article, so must share it with your friends and family.

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