is your one-stop source for accessing Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi and entertainment options. Before this website was available, scrolling social media over 30,000 feet high was impossible, and travelers had limited entertainment choices available to them.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the world has changed quickly. Every airline now provides Wi-Fi onboard their aircraft, so passengers can remain connected throughout their flight experience. They provide on-demand TV shows and flight trackers, as well as live television and movies, to keep passengers entertained onboard.


Southwest Airlines also provides Wi-Fi connectivity on selected planes. In the following section, this article will explore their inflight internet entertainment offerings as well as their inflight WiFi pricing models.

How to Connect to the Southwest WiFi?

If you want to use Southwest Wifi, then here are some steps that will help you to know how to connect to Southwest WiFi:

  1. Turn on the airplane mode.
  2. Once connected, a Wi-Fi network list should appear within your phone, containing several available networks.
  3. Select “Southwest WiFi” from this list, and once done, enter into the current address bar of your browser to connect.
  4. Enter your login details.
  5. Select a plan that allows for automatic Wi-Fi connection onboard the plane.

Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi Pricing

Southwest Airlines features inflight Wi-Fi connectivity that may vary depending on your location and aircraft. Its speed and reliability may also depend on these factors.

Based on airline resources, the airline announced that they will change internet flight prices, beginning at $8 for all-day passes and $8 per flight. By connecting your laptop to the internet, you can browse the web, visit social media sites like Facebook, and view email.

But you don’t have to spend anything if you want to take advantage of Southwest’s on-board entertainment offerings, from listening to songs and streaming TV programs on-demand to live flight tracker functionality and TV films.

Southwest Airlines WiFi Coverage

Make use of Wi-Fi onboard any aircraft to stay connected via tablet, smartphone, or laptop. The official name for the WLAN network is Southwest WiFi. Users can access it using Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers with the latest versions installed. Minimal device and system requirements apply; for optimal experience, please see:

  • Compatible with more than eight Android devices.
  • Windows 10+ in PC products.
  • Apple products (OS 12.0+).



Q. What is the Southwest Inflight Entertainment Portal?

Southwest Inflight Entertainment Portal allows passengers to stay entertained on flights by offering flight tracking, text messaging (iMessage and WhatsApp), movies/TV series available on demand as well as live television – all at no additional charge. Restrictions may apply and prices are subject to change.

Q. Is it true that Southwest Airlines offers free WiFi?

They do not offer free WiFi on planes. Southwest’s Wi-Fi onboard costs $8 for access to emails, internet browsing, and social media. You can, however, use a variety of complimentary in-flight entertainment and text messaging options to save on internet coverage charges. In the course of travel, these options comprise iMessage as well as voice calls and WhatsApp; however, they do not offer video calls.

Q. Can I connect multiple devices via Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi?

They help in the simultaneous use of Wi-Fi in the airplanes across many devices.

Q. What happens to the content when I purchase an internet service plan for $8?

Yes, airlines prohibit any offensive or harmful content since there’s no privacy available on the plane. The airlines also limit access to video conferencing websites and high-bandwidth applications for the best user experience.

Q. What payment method is accepted for internet purchases via Southwest flights?

The following options are suitable for purchasing on-board Wi-Fi.

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card

Q. Who are Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi providers?

Anvuu (previously known as the Global Eagle Entertainment) is Southwest’s In-flight WiFi provider.

Q. Do you know if Southwest Airlines has seatback screens?

It’s not true, Southwest isn’t equipped with screen seats.



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