is your gateway to Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi services. Alaska Airlines provides high-performance satellite Wi-Fi and access to their in-flight network on all flights for seamless virtual reality experiences during travel.

Users of their service can utilize it to send emails, browse the internet and use social networks, stream TV shows or films, and watch movies, and web series.

Passengers need to purchase their preferred web-based connection to stay online while traveling, with options ranging from monthly subscriptions or annual plans depending on individual needs.


Alaska Airlines provided their passengers with entertainment on board their plane through its inflight broadband connectivity system, making the flight even more enjoyable and providing connectivity via Alaska Wi-Fi. You can read this post to gain more details about Alaska’s Wi-Fi service.

How to connect to the Alaska Airlines WiFi?

If you want to connect to the Alaska Airlines WiFi, then you have to follow the below steps:

  1. Turn On Airplane Mode from your laptop, tablet, and cell phone by connecting using “gogo inflight” or Alaska_WiFi.
  2. Starting a new internet browser.
  3. Entering in its address bar.
  4. Selecting plans on board an aircraft.
  5. Then, use the internet on the Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines WiFi Subscription Plan

Travelers frequently traveling can purchase annual and monthly subscription plans on the company website portal. Below are more details about these four plans.

Monthly Subscription Plan:

This membership plan gives passengers access to onboard internet for one month for $49.95 and allows unlimited usage throughout the month. It is ideal for frequent flyers who have multiple flights planned. Purchase it via either the company app for mobile phones or the official website.

Annual Subscription Plan:

This subscription plan gives passengers access to unlimited broadband internet onboard for 12 months, available from any Alaska airline website and recommended for those who travel often at a one-time fee of $599. Unfortunately, access isn’t currently available on 737-9 MAX or Q400 aircraft.

Basic WiFi Plan:

You have to pay $8 for the basic WiFi but it is only valid for E175 aircraft, but if you pay more than $8 to $24.99, then it is valid for all 737 aircraft.

Streaming WiFi Plan:

If you want to stream your favorite shows and alaskawifi com movies, then pay $8 and use this WiFi above Arctic Circle.

Alaska Airlines WiFi Day Pass

Alaska Airlines Day Pass offers unlimited internet connectivity throughout a predetermined package period. Access can be gained at any time.

Day Passes Day Passes are perfect for travelers with long-distance journeys who require multiple business and personal tasks during their trip. Purchase Day Passes through an airline website or app on mobile devices.

  • One-Hour Pass: An hourly pass costs $7 and can be used for domestic flights within the US.
  • 24-Hour Pass: For only 19 bucks you can buy and use it throughout a year of flights using domestic routes with this 24-hour WiFi Day Pass pass. Once purchased use its 24-hour gate-to-gate connection feature to get around airport security faster.

How to Buy the Subscription of Alaska Airlines WiFi

If you want to know, how to buy the Subscription plan for Alaska WiFi, then follow the below steps:

  1. Connecting to Wi-fi networks onboard requires going online at or
  2. Now, click “Buy Now”, followed by selecting “Subscribe”, to purchase day passes or subscription plans.
  3. Register your profile by selecting “Sign Up”.
  4. Providing all of the requested information.
  5. Then, log in at the login
  6. Next, pay your subscription plan by completing all on-screen details before clicking the “Buy” button.

What is

Alaska Airlines’ online portal gives travelers complete information regarding onboard Wi-Fi service and subscription plans, along with how to stay connected through their web service.

Through this online portal, passengers can remain in touch with loved ones as well as be productive while traveling.

Today, the internet has become an indispensable part of life as it provides instantaneous information access. When traveling on long flights, travelers expect a fast internet connection to stay connected with the world.

Like other airlines, Alaska Airlines also incorporates inflight connectivity to delight passengers while simultaneously making flying more productive for its employees and customers.

Customers who need online streaming of movies, accessing Facebook or Twitter accounts, and exploring various websites must purchase an $8 subscription plan to do so. Internet access is provided on all planes except the 737-9 MAX Aircraft.

Benefits of Accessing Alaskawifi com

Here are some of the basic benefits of using alaskawifi com:

  • Compared to traditional Internet in a plane, streaming-fast satellite Internet offers up to 20 times faster streaming speeds.
  • Entertainment coverage is enhanced.
  • Enjoy fast internet connectivity.
  • Utilise Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage free texting services for hassle-free communications.
  • Over 800 Movies and TV Shows can be watched free of charge.

Alaska Airlines Customer Service Support

If you need additional assistance or more information on Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi Services, you can reach out to their Customer Service Support.

Live Chat:

Text: Text message on 82008 that contains less than 160 characters per message.

Phone Number: The contact Number for Customer Support is 1800-503-0101.



Q. Does Alaska Airlines provide free Wi-Fi?

No, Although prices can differ depending on the duration and price of your flight, you can generally anticipate paying around $8 for most domestic flights.

Q. Is Wi-Fi good in Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides high-speed internet.

Q. Do I have to use satellite Wi-Fi for phone calls?

Alaska Airlines does not permit its passengers to make voice and video phone calls.



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